3D Modelling & Design

By combining our 3D scanning and 3D modelling/design services, you will drastically increase the efficiency and precision of your industrial renovation, equipment addition, or production line build-out, giving you peace of mind that your project will go according to plan.

Our process allows us to bring your project from an idea to a detailed plan that will give fabricators solid measurements to draw from and a clear visual of the project ahead. This will enable installers to easily and efficiently install and/or move equipment inside the facility.

3D Modelling and Design Solutions for Your Worksite Upgrades

Make your project as easy as possible with professional 3D Modelling solutions that will streamline both planning and design stages without endless meetings, communication errors or hidden inefficiencies.

At 3D Laser Scan, we specialize in getting your project done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, correctly. Let us help you make your worksite renovation as efficient as possible.

Engineering Design & Mechanical Design

We're experts at solving a wide array of engineering problems. With a Certified Engineering Technologist on staff, you can  feel confident in working with 3D Laser Scan. We have flexible processes in place to ensure that nothing gets overlooked in any of the design work we provide.

What About A Real World Example?

We recently helped a fabrication shop plan out an upgrade for a food processing plant. To hear more about the process and how it helped them, check out the case study.

Our 3D model of the proposed equipment