Owner/operator of 3D Laser Scan, Kenny Joss has been in the industry since 2007, and became a Certified Engineering Technologist through Alberta Science and Engineering Technologies (ASET) in 2009. Over a decade he's spent countless hours awkwardly twisting himself through equipment, and trying to get accurate measurements to design new pieces of equipment was a constant challenge.

Re-measuring was often required as new configurations arose. This, combined with the labour intensive chore of handwriting often resulted in misinterpretations of measurements and costly retrofits later on. This process typically involved returning to the same site to re-measure and take new measurements that weren't needed the first time.

Imprecise Measurements: the bane of every industry

Designing equipment that doesn’t precisely fit the required space is the nightmare of any worker who has measured inside a factory. And no one, from the designer to the factory owner, likes the hours spent with a tape measure in hand, or the worry that one of those numbers will be slightly off, requiring extra money, hours or an entirely new project.

So when Kenny realized all those awkward hours were not only obsolete, but actually a hindrance to industries, he decided to let go of his tape measure and take hold of the future of industrial design technology.

3D Scanning and Modelling is the New Era of Design Technology

With 3D scanning, measuring is not only more efficient, saving downtime and money for companies, but it’s also safer for everyone involved. Workers no longer have to squeeze into tight spaces, or lean precariously from ladders, risking strain or personal injury. With 3D scanning, it’s all done at a distance, safely and efficiently.

Today, we offer the latest 3D scanning technology to streamline projects for our customers, leading to less downtime, less worry and a more efficient process that is painless for everyone involved.

From scanning to modelling and design, 3D Laser Scan can streamline your project. We’re more than happy to drop by your workspace to show you how 3D scanning can save you time, money and energy.

3D Modelling Meets Cutting Edge Technology

With state-of-the-art technology, we measure, design and conceptualize your equipment upgrades and/or additions with a virtual model. This not only ensures comprehensive measurements with tolerances of +/- 3 mm but also allows you to see any problems and address them before you greenlight the project.

With laser-like accuracy and robotic efficiency, we cut down a labour of weeks to just hours. With 3D scanning, we deliver quick and precise measurements and a design you can be confident in.

Ensure your project is done right the first time with 3D Laser Scan.