Our Process

We boast a linear, simple workflow that helps you avoid time sinks, and helps your project flow fluidly from initial conception to implementation. Once you’ve hired us, we work quickly and with little to no disruption of your workers.

1. Identify Scope

Together with you, we identify the scope of the project, including the area to be scanned and the changes to be made.

2. Send Quote

We calculate a quote and send it to you for approval. This quote won’t change unless the scope of the project does.

3. Discuss Changes

We discuss any changes that need to be made to the scope of work, and to the quote to ensure that you’re confident our solution will match your needs.

4. Accept Proposal

If you’re happy with the scope of the project and the quote, we move on to the next step and get started.

3D Scanning Process

1. Measure

We show up on-site with our equipment and scan the area. Depending on the size and complexity, this can take anywhere from one hour to a few days.

2. Model

We return to our office to process the raw data from on-site into a useable, 3D space, which upgrades can be designed within. The scan becomes a “design envelope” where the project can be virtually built in.

3. Deliver

We virtually deliver the model or scan to you or your in-house design team. Or if needed, we can take care of the whole design, from scan capture to deliverable shop drawings/site drawings.

3D Design & Modelling Process

1. Design

Using the 3D model scan, we design the new equipment/renovation and virtually place it in the space.

2. Optimize

With our in-house software (NavisWorks) we can run an interference detection between the scan and the model to insure nothing is missed and everything fits, minimizing problems in the installation process.

3. Deliver

We deliver the optimized model and design to you more quickly, and more precisely than is traditionally possible, allowing you to streamline your processes and get your company back up and running faster.

Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner

Ready To See How It Works?

Interested in how 3D scanning can help you save time, energy and money? Let us give you a demonstration of how efficient and precise our equipment is.