Reduce downtime and increase efficiency with 3D Laser Scan

Save Time

Reduce Human Error

Save Money

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Industrial additions and renovations of facility equipment require long and arduous processes, and even the slightest mistakes can cause big problems down the line. Being even a few centimetres off can drastically increase your downtime.

Instead of dealing with unreliable numbers and inefficient, outdated processes which can cause more than just headaches, join the future of work-site upgrades and build-outs with 3D Laser Scan, and minimize downtime for your facilities – especially during turnarounds.



Drastically reduce on-site measure up times and in office modelling times to get you to the building and installation stage faster.



With less downtime, and measurements you can depend on, you can move through your upgrades faster and get back to day-to-day business.



Too often, mistakes happen which can increase the budget of your project. Today’s technology can help you maintain your budget and avoid costly mistakes.

3D Scanning Saves You Time & Money

With 3D scanning, modelling and design, you can enter a future where human error is significantly reduced.

3D scanning saves businesses money because it is more accurate and more efficient. The time required to scan and model a project is often less than a tenth of the time it would take to measure manually. This time-savings offsets the higher hourly rate of 3D scanning, giving businesses more dependable data in less time and at a lower cost.

3D Scanners Measuring Room

3D Modelling Meets Cutting Edge Technology

With state-of-the-art technology, we measure, design and conceptualize your equipment upgrades and/or additions with a virtual model. This not only ensures comprehensive measurements with tolerances of +/- 3 mm but also allows you to see any problems and address them before you greenlight the project.

With laser-like accuracy and robotic efficiency, we cut down a labour of weeks to just hours. With 3D scanning, we deliver quick and precise measurements and a design you can be confident in.

Ensure your project is done right the first time with 3D Laser Scan.

Kenny Joss of 3D Laser Scan has completed various projects for us under the Industrial Fabrication roof. He has demonstrated excellent drafting, interpersonal and team work skills on projects such as conveyor retrofits, mold drawing and various other weldments.

Kenny has an excellent knowledge of mechanical workings and machinery which in part is a crossover from his hobby of wrenching on cars. This set of skills comes in handy for our team as we are immersed in many different industries.

In short Kenny is a vital part of our business and bringing our projects together through drafting. We look forward to working with him into the future.

Barry Strom (DMT Industrial Fabrication)

"Our project was for a beef processing plant in southern Alberta where C&A was tasked to replace a very complex section of overhead beef rail within their processing plant. Kenny completed a site survey to collect data and measure all aspects of the rail to bring back to our shop and created shop drawings for our fabrication team to work from. The rail was built and installed successfully with the project manager saying "After stressing the importance of accuracy of the rail to Kenny at being +/- one sixteenth of an inch, I was happy to see that once we removed the old section of rail and placed the new section over top for a comparison, that the new rail was an exact replica of the existing.""

Chris McPhee (C&A Industries)

3D Scanning

By scanning your space, we deliver precise measurements with tolerances of 3 millimetres to ensure you have site documentation you can depend on.

3D Modelling & Design

Utilizing our 3D scanner, we model and conceptualize your renovations, ensuring all equipment will fit perfectly and all upgrades will be as efficient as possible.

Ready To See How It Works?

Interested in how 3D scanning can help you save time, energy and money? Let us give you a demonstration of how efficient and precise our equipment is.

Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner