3D Scanning

When you're upgrading your production line, ideally you have schematics you can rely on to efficiently and effectively design and place the equipment you need. But we don’t live in an ideal world and those perfect, dependable schematics never truly exist – and even if they did, how would you know they’re dependable until you measure out every millimetre of your space?

With 3D laser scanning you can quickly and efficiently ensure you’re making plans based on numbers you can trust.

Reliable and Dependable 3D Scanning Solutions

3D scanning eliminates the guesswork from construction and facility renovations. No more endless hours spent measuring and remeasuring, and no more tiny mistakes that cost you down the line.

3D Laser Scan maps out your space to the millimetre, allowing you to precisely fit in new equipment designs and foresee possible placement problems before they cause headaches.

Stop dealing with inefficient processes and mistakes that cost you time and money. Find out how 3D scanning has helped businesses efficiently and effectively upgrade their workspaces.

3D Scanning FAQ


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Measuring By Hand

Manual measuring is the way a lot of projects are still completed. Not only is it a lengthy process, but it's error prone and inefficient. Check out the full process to compare the manual measure-up to what we provide with 3D laser scanning.

What About A Real World Example?

We recently helped a fabrication shop plan out an upgrade for a food processing plant. To hear more about the process and how it helped them, check out the case study.

Clash Detection 3D Scan