Choosing The Right Equipment For A Boiler Room Upgrade [Case Study]

When Net Tech* needed to install a hot water tank with proper plumbing and ducting in their mechanical room, they hired a contractor to take care of the project, manually. Space was tight in the room, with various existing pipes making maneuvering difficult for the contractor. While the contractor was diligent, spending nearly two days methodically measuring the room and accounting for small discrepancies, he had to return twice the following week to remeasure certain areas, and take more measurements he had missed.

Still unsure of the measurements, Net Tech decided to see if Kenny and his team from 3D Laser Scan could really measure out their mechanical room in a fraction of the time it would take a contractor to do manually. Instead of four days of measuring by hand, it took Kenny just two hours to scan and measure out Net Tech’s mechanical room.

After scanning, Kenny rendered an accurate three dimensional representation of the existing room and equipment. He built a virtual 3D model of the new water heater and ‘moved’ it into the virtual mechanical room, which created a precise visual of the finished project before any construction would take place. This visual representation provided the accurate information Net Tech needed in order to move forward with the project because they were confident everything would fit inside the mechanical room perfectly. 3D Laser Scan even highlighted a problem area in which only a certain style of hot water tank would work, saving Net Tech the risk of buying the wrong type of water heater.

Working with Kenny and 3D Laser Scan not only saved Net Tech time and money in the long run (because even at a higher hourly rate, it took much less time than the traditional manual measuring method), but Kenny’s team was able to give Net Tech a laser-accurate image which they could use in future construction projects in their mechanical room.

* Name changed due to confidentiality


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