How 3D Scanning Saves Time & Money

Traditional measuring and modeling methods charge a lower hourly rate, leading many to believe that it is the cheaper option. However, manual measuring and modelling requires much more time, as represented in this example. It took a labourer 80 disruptive, on-site hours, with a further 20 hours of off-site processing time. 3D modelling required only 4 hours of on-site scanning, with an additional 2 hours of off-site processing time. It’s this time-saving efficiency that makes 3D scanning the cheaper and more accurate solution.

Manual Measuring 3D Scanning
Low hourly cost offset by amount of hours High hourly cost offset by less required hours
Low Resolution High Resolution
Time consuming Quick and efficient
±13mm and vulnerable to human error ±3mm accuracy
Disruptive repeat visits often needed to gather required data No repeat visits needed
Requires extra processing time to convert from paper to digital format The entire process is digital, requiring less processing time

3D scanning saves businesses money because it is more accurate and more efficient. The time required to scan and model a project is often less than a tenth of the time it would take to measure manually. This time-savings offsets the higher hourly rate of 3D scanning, giving businesses more dependable data in less time and at a lower cost.

I'm Sold! What's Next?

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